Tian Wang reserves the copyright of all information on the official website of Tian Wang (including but not limit to text, photos, sound, graphics, advertisement, and etc.). Without written permission of Tian Wang, any individual or company shall not apply such information for commercial use or to gain commercial interests after copying, reprinting, amending such information or doing any other operations.Tian Wang will authorize the legal consultant to investigate into and affix administrative, civil or even criminal responsibilities of any company or individual that infringes our legitimate interests.

Solemn statement: without official authorization, any company shall not sell Tian Wang brand watch products online. Recently, we have authorized Shenzhen 1860 Trade Co., Ltd. as our online sales agent, and Beijing Century Joyo Information Technology Co., Ltd as our online retailer.

Warning: companies including and etc. do not have our legal authorization and supply.Therefore, we do not assume any responsibilities for “Tian Wang”products sold by these companies. We will further investigate into relevant legal responsibilities of such infringing acts.


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